two men enter

from by phantoms



my dear son I am so proud of you
do you really think I am that naïve?
misunderstanding all that I see?

you left these people with
emotional lacerations and those scars
those scars in my cranium
took years till they stopped hurting

from time to time I think they haven't ever really stopped
and often I wondered if I ever wanted them to

so now you tell me
I am your last piece of mirth
that is left in your withered life
though you never gave a shit about us anyway
while you did not care I had three decades
to reconsider long repressed memories
to reconsider them, to reconsider them

sleepless nights I had to survive
building up walls in my foggy mind
running mazes
strive for knowing if it was because of me

an endless road leading to a sheer
a bottomless fall - when will I crash?

and though I don't feel like I have the strength to
I still know what I have to do
to find at least my peace of mind
I swear one day we will meet
in this abandoned dusty place
in the back of my head
where two men will enter
and only one will leave


from departed, track released June 15, 2015
recorded 2014@LaLa Tonstudio Leipzig



all rights reserved


phantoms Bremen, Germany

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