the host

from by phantoms



a host made of words, its aim clear ahead
to tear down all walls, leave conscience burned and dead
cast against self-esteem, so just, so righteous in its course
how could one not see the truth striking down in your wrath

come shatter my defense for surrender was never within
burn me and let me be reborn, a man made of your kin
all my wrongs, a blind man's path, but now I see because of you
it’s all because of you

you are so glorious, so bright
so ignorant and misguided
self-righteous and without fail
I love you in disgust

turn around and realise I am unarmed
turn around and see I took down my defense
I face you as a lover, as a brother, as a friend
you have thrown the torch, put the bridge to the flame
destroy all bonds, erase my name

this is the moment when misgiving breaks its way
this is the moment when a cold night turns into day
this is the moment when we see it as it is
this is the moment I bend forward for one last kiss

it is the moment when our heartbeats fall in line
this is the moment when my heart breaks one last time


from departed, track released June 15, 2015
recorded 2014@LaLa Tonstudio Leipzig



all rights reserved


phantoms Bremen, Germany

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