by phantoms

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Sa. 8.12.2018 Osnabrück / Sustanz + NO°RD
Fr. 16.3.2018 - Cuxhaven / döser börse + Heart Ovt
Sa. 26.5.2018 - Leipzig / Atari +Ckomono

phantoms is a 6 piece post-whatever outfit from bremen, germany

for tourdates 'n shit visit us here:


released June 15, 2015

recorded @ LaLa Tonstudio Leipzig
artwork: nemo


all rights reserved



phantoms Bremen, Germany

members of:
jetblack / the town of machine / mallorys last dance / unknown stuntman

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Track Name: the host
a host made of words, its aim clear ahead
to tear down all walls, leave conscience burned and dead
cast against self-esteem, so just, so righteous in its course
how could one not see the truth striking down in your wrath

come shatter my defense for surrender was never within
burn me and let me be reborn, a man made of your kin
all my wrongs, a blind man's path, but now I see because of you
it’s all because of you

you are so glorious, so bright
so ignorant and misguided
self-righteous and without fail
I love you in disgust

turn around and realise I am unarmed
turn around and see I took down my defense
I face you as a lover, as a brother, as a friend
you have thrown the torch, put the bridge to the flame
destroy all bonds, erase my name

this is the moment when misgiving breaks its way
this is the moment when a cold night turns into day
this is the moment when we see it as it is
this is the moment I bend forward for one last kiss

it is the moment when our heartbeats fall in line
this is the moment when my heart breaks one last time
Track Name: all lovers are bastards
you killed it - it was way too close, it was way too close, it was way too close
it was never love - it was way too broken, it was way too rotten, it was way too wrong
I love you - were the last words he said, the last words he said, the last words he said to you

you take that knife in the middle of the night
walk up the stairs, the moonlight shines too bright
open that door, see him sleeping in your bed
kill the man, kill the demons in your head

you take that knife you know it’s all just a dream
hear someone scream, blood is dripping off your sleeve
you cut the bond that kept you close for all these years
kill the man, release the demons in your head

she now lives a happy life in her dreams
he now lives a happy life in his cell

and all lovers are bastards
Track Name: love conditional
I would like to kill but I can't
I would like to love but I don't
look what this love has done to you
look where your heart has brought you to

I would like to trust but I don't
give you no reason why you should
and what has he ever done for us?
turn back the time, eight years have passed

these years have tied our fates together
these years have torn our hearts apart
the truth is no fundament for a future
so lie to me and I'll lie to you

I would like to kill
I would like to love
I would like to trust
but I can't

broken hopes and regrets to comfort you while you cry yourself to sleep
well, I don't know and I don't care …anymore!
Track Name: modulok
you don't know
what you should do
you stand still in your grace, honey
you decay you lapse into indifference

enchained to charge
bound to an oath
disembodied and beautiful
so close to love, so far from life

a heart disposed, a life worn out
no love to live, no hand to hold
a heart composed, a life dragged down
no love to give, combust your crown

oh the fire burned low, your will burned out
no hope to save this thing
your home burned down, burn down your home burn it to the ground

what have they done to you
where did you bury your heart?

time flies through rooms that once were your life
people tell stories in which you once lived inside
through doors you hear voices and behind windows you see color

warm hands turn cold
kisses to ashes and hearts to stone
dust and bones
Track Name: my friend is a transformer
have I ever asked myself if one book could dictate my sympathy
have I ever asked you about your concept of humanity
have you ever asked yourself what's in a life
has it ever been of interest to you how I define my concept of love

oh darling I know so well the trembling and shattering thoughts
when your purpose in life fades away

the gun is aimed at my heart
your words run down its barrel
deny the love you can't feel!
I surrender, this love is not for me
this love is not for me
Track Name: two men enter
my dear son I am so proud of you
do you really think I am that naïve?
misunderstanding all that I see?

you left these people with
emotional lacerations and those scars
those scars in my cranium
took years till they stopped hurting

from time to time I think they haven't ever really stopped
and often I wondered if I ever wanted them to

so now you tell me
I am your last piece of mirth
that is left in your withered life
though you never gave a shit about us anyway
while you did not care I had three decades
to reconsider long repressed memories
to reconsider them, to reconsider them

sleepless nights I had to survive
building up walls in my foggy mind
running mazes
strive for knowing if it was because of me

an endless road leading to a sheer
a bottomless fall - when will I crash?

and though I don't feel like I have the strength to
I still know what I have to do
to find at least my peace of mind
I swear one day we will meet
in this abandoned dusty place
in the back of my head
where two men will enter
and only one will leave
Track Name: the departed
Her story:
I'd like to go but I stay
I'd like to go but I can't move
he finds me, says a faint hello
I want to laugh, he only sees me cry
I'd like to live but don't know how
I'd like a life that I could bare
he holds me while I fade away
I want to smile, he only sees me die

when darkness falls comes doubt and pain
when shadows crawl to claim their reign

haunted by the dead, haunted by the dead, haunted by the dead, haunted by the dead
oh stay with me when I shall rise from the dark
oh come with me when I step out of the dark

when darkness falls comes doubt and pain
and I hear you call my name
and I know you see me hiding
remember you saw me trying
and you still believe in me
oh I know you believe in this
but please trust me when I tell you
I will not make it
not this time
you cannot hold me
you hold the shell that is all that is left of me
I beg you don't come with me
let me go alone
let me go home

and I scream, I scream, I scream, I scream
from the top of my voice into the deep of my soul
please undo, please undo, please undo, please undo
the damage done

His story:
I pack my things ready to run away
to find shelter in another embrace
I seek oblivion and I find oblivion
but I love her so I return

I took her hand and we jumped off the cliff
into the sea and the rivers to our dreams
to our dreams, to our dreams, to our dreams

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